Partners for international business

Partners for International Business (PIB) is a Dutch government-run programme for nine key sectors of economy. One of them is the water sector. The first activities within its framework in Poland began back in 2014.

The programme is realized by the Marshal Office of the Masovia Region in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland, as well as the Polish-Dutch consortium. All of them work together for bringing back the river Vistula the status it really deserves in the development of the whole region. The area of works is diverse, featuring the Vistula riverside areas in the Masovia province, specifically between the towns of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and Płock. It merges unique countryside and natural resources, hydrographic network, forms of space management, as well as social-economic and historical-cultural development conditions.

The programme sets the conditions for building of responsible international cooperation and conduct of projects involving public and private partners, as well as research centres. The conducted works focus on water and space management, environment, economic development, improvement of life quality, put in the framework of a single, integrated programme of activities and directional projects. They all have been included in the Vistula River Park concept. Key parties have been involved in the works. The programme is open to these partners, who see a chance of realizing important developmental projects in cooperation.

The Vistula, being the core of this area, creates space for the development of important projects in its direct surrounding. The area, having a significant development potential, is constantly confronted with the dynamics of settlement, migration movements and demographic processes, which are particularly visible in the rural areas. Among the aims of the activities is working out the solutions combining the river valley protection with its sustainable management, as well as using its resources. The concept of the Vistula River Park is concentrated around four development zones, open to various river activities. The whole idea is based on a solid organizational model and management. It creates space for innovative projects which use the potential of the river