Area of works


Accesing the river

Connecting the river

Working with the river

River linking knowledge and innovation

The works are focused around four areas: Płock and its surroundings, Vistula’s rural riverside territories, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and the city’s surroundings, Leoncin area. They have been connected by the Vistula River Park concept. It sets the direction of strategic activities featuring concrete projects. Vistula is the core, a key element binding the activities in the entire area. It is also the leading theme, around which projects are built.

Each of them refers to various conditions set by the river and human activities directed towards the river. The nature of works is best expressed in building cooperation for the undertakings which strengthen the functional and spatial bounds with the river. Above all, those shaping a high quality space, as well as those introducing new development functions for riverside areas with respect to the natural resources.

All project activities have been put into the framework of four zones, respectively to the areas of works.