Vistula experience center

The centre will be the prominent symbol of the Vistula River Park concept. By undertaking to make this project a reality, Mazovia has the chance to create an offer for all those whose programme activities, ambitions and demands are concentrated on the future of the river and its nearby areas. According to the assumptions, the undertaking aims at creating a super-regional research centre focused on the river Vistula, offering a modern space of cooperation, activities and initiatives for Vistula, which integrates a multi-generational offer of social, cultural and educational events, building awareness of water and its significance for the proper functioning of man. Its another task is to underline the significance of the river as an element of cultural and historical heritage. The Vistula Experience Centre should aspire to the role of European centre, open to international cooperation with renowned institutions, organisations and research centres. Being open to European cooperation, it should develop itself as a centre of innovation, promote perceiving the development based on the river – not only in terms of water prevention, but also utilising its potential (prevention through development). Moreover, the centre should undertake activities dedicated to governmental and local parties as well as those concentrated around research centres, NGO’s and the private sector. The choice of Kępa Szwedzka in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki as the location of the Vistula Experience Centre has its own symbolics and message. It is a key area for the future development of the town, strongly deriving from the historical tradition of the river port and the fortifications in Modlin. The location may be referred to the primal destination of the river as a means of transport and its role in the defence activities. It sets the direction for the restoration activities in the town, aiming at opening it to the rivers Narew and Vistula and binding the future development to them. The Vistula Experience Centre project is one of those, whose realisation should be carried out on the regional level.