Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki – Gateway of Warsaw

The future of nowy dwór mazowiecki

How can Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki use the potential of the surrounding rivers Narew and Vistula in favour of its development?

What has to be done in order give the rivers a special significance for everyday functioning of the residents and the city?


The freedom to choose the area of residence, mobility and new connections will affect spatial and social changes in the city. The availability of services and good urban space in conjunction with opening towards the rivers will decide, among others, about its attractiveness. Highlighting the links in the form of cycle paths and relaunching of ferry connections will strengthen the role of the city as a centre of tourism services, recreation and leisure. The development programme of the city is dedicated to those, who are looking for a characteristic climate and advantages of living in a small, well organized city in the rivers surrounding with a historical background.


Strategy of development and projects

The river and riverside integrate the most important activities forming directional projects for Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, included in the concept of the so-called three boulevards of Narew and Vistula rivers:


  • Urban (Red Boulevard) – residential, commercial and cultural functions, links the city center directly with the Narew
  • Natural (Green Boulevard) – natural, offering settlement conditions for inhabitants in a green-blue environment
  • Cultural heritage and landscape (Blue Boulevard)


The concept introduces solutions for leisure, recreation and residential infrastructure as well as economic activity, remaining in a direct relation to the rivers surrounding the city. It determines the main goal of the proposed activities for the city, which have been included in the five directional projects integrating revitalization activities.


Vistula experience center

The project of the Vistula Experience Center merges interregional functions, underlining the importance of the river and the development of riverside areas in cities. The project is a prominent symbol of the Vistula River Park and constitutes an offer for all those, whose programme activities, ambitions and demands are focused on the future of the river and related areas. The functional programme of the Vistula Experience Center opens a modern space for co-operation, activities and initiatives embarked on to the benefit of Vistula. Especially those, which integrate a multi-generational offer of social, cultural and educational events, build the awareness of water and its role for the people. The project underlines the meaning of the river as an element of cultural heritage and historical development of regions. The Vistula Experience Center should aspire to the role of a center of European importance, open to international co-operation with renowned institutions, organizations and research centers.


Living and landscape

The project proposes forms of residential development integrated with the water. They combine the natural technical solutions which blend with character of the landscape – open building concept, no fences, etc. Green forms of landscape define and demarcate residential complexes in a natural way. The concept strengthens the already existing and creates new natural areas, partly keeping a form of natural open spaces.


A city river harbour

The city river harbour will perform functions of sports, tourism and recreation marina connected with a boulevard and a new housing and service space. Boulevards integrate its building development with the city, green and recreational areas, creating a high-quality public space within the city borders. Architecture of residential buildings refers to the nature of downtown, with frontages, arranging the space and giving it an urban character. The port area has been integrated with the old water intake for the industrial area. The spatial-programme proposal for the harbour’s surrounding introduces a friendly, multi-generational public spaces, space for walks, leisure and sports activity. The surrounding of the port determines attractive development areas with the possibility of introducing the function of public and commercial services, important in the everyday functioning of the residents.